As a locally owned, family-business serving the Metro Halifax-Dartmouth Communities since 1984, we believe strongly in supporting and giving back to the community. Our mission statement “Good Neighbours, Good Advice” couldn’t ring truer than in supporting our communities’ charitable initiatives. While not a huge company, LumberMart tries to accommodate all requests, especially those relating to children.

Local Kids Programs & Sports

We’re always happy to help our customers out! We have lots of ways to support their fundraising efforts for things like hockey, ringette, baseball, softball, soccer, school activities among others. We believe in giving back to the kids where we can because we believe that they are our future leaders. We need them to participate in more than video games and social media! 

Community Events & Support

We have supported various community groups over the years such as Family SoS, SHYM, YWCA, various charitable efforts by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – NS as well as the Children’s Wish foundation. We look forward to many more years supporting these worthwhile causes.   


Timbrkids is TIMBERMART’s national children’s charitable foundation and is 100% focused on improving the lives of children. Timbrkids exists to help as many children as they can. Timbrkids will help local organizations that are focused on the health and well being of Canadian children. We strive to fund groups that are as inclusive as possible, make a grass-roots difference, and benefit the most children. 

Timbrkids has a Dealer Donation Matching Program and Employee Time Matching Program that allows TimberMART dealers and employees to make a greater impact every time they give back to children’s charities in their community.

Contact us to find out more.