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Super Sheds

The Super Shed series offers you all the materials and practices that go into garage building and incorporates that into a shed.  These sheds include wood framed floors & walls, engineered roof structures, lifetime warranty shingles & siding as well as an overhead door, entry door and a window.

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2014 monster shed

Mini Garages

The mini garage is an excellent storage solution when you want a garage, but only have the room for a shed.  the overhead door makes it easy to get your motorcycles, lawn equipment, tools or just plain stuff in and out of the weather.
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Sizes Available
Widths Lengths
8' 12'
10' 14'
12' 16'
14' 18'
16' 20'

Craftsman Cottage Sheds

Our craftsman cottage sheds are the ultimate combination of long lasting construction methods, with simple craftsman design that meets your unique style.

Sizes Available
Widths Lengths
10' 12'
12' 14'
14' 16'